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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sometimes we have days where things get done. Today is one of those days.

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Made by Mandy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tough Bitches: 97 Days to Go!

Do you want to know all the things I hate?

1. Being sick.  Its the worst.  Teetering on the edge of full blown pneumonia and a ten day round of antibiotics is not awesome.  If I can have any excuse to be lazy I will totally go with it, but this shit saps ones energy like nobodies business. 
Mostly I am back to normal except for the feeling tired all the time.

2. Moving. Moving just always sucks but it doesn't help that I am a hoarder.  Like a quiet, you wouldn't really expect it type hoarder.  No, I don't have bags of my own shit,  jars of urine or excessive amounts of animals.  I do have every single birthday/Christmas/Easter/Valentines card ever given to me.   I could start a used bookstore with my collection of books.  I still have my love of reading award from grade 3, every dumb story I wrote in kindergarten through grade 6, my emo poetry from high school and my safety patrol plaque from grade 5.   Oh, also my wisdom teeth that were removed in my twenties.  HOARDER.

3. Robins in Spring.  Today, this stupid fucking robin flew RIGHT INTO my car.  It was a kamikaze.  At first I though it was successfully going to dodge, but no.  It actually changed directions three times, just to make sure of its own death.  I had to watch the feathers and its tiny carcass explode in my rear view window. I didn't stop to make sure it was dead and not suffering.  Why? Because I am a pussy.  I get upset when I have to kill sugar ants. Caving in a tiny bird's skull with a rock, just might be the thing that sends me over the edge.   

The flip side?  
1. The friends who take two days and blitz move their hoarder friend out of her house.  

2.The friend who laughs with you about the stupid fucking robin you just murdered.

3.The friends who all signed up for workout classes (because they like that shit or something) who played along with my humming and hawing, but knew that I would join so I wouldn't be left out. 

4. Romantically sharing codeine cough syrup with your equally sick boyfriend.  Even though he thinks he is sicker than you.

Best humans in the world. 


Ps. No, I have not fucking worked out in three weeks.  Zero to hero-ing it!

Pps.  Ohhhhhh, We settled on name and have a Facebook page!  Quadra Island Mud Skippers. Because we are adorable like that!  Soon we will be begging for money and or demanding everyone attend the fundraising burger night at the Legion in April!