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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Well, it took a bazillion years, but the day has come, our website is live and operational. Thus, we will no longer be updating this blog, every 4 or 5 months, like we do. Please come and check out our new home :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sometimes we have days where things get done. Today is one of those days.

Made by Mandy
Made by Lissy
Made by Mandy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tough Bitches: 97 Days to Go!

Do you want to know all the things I hate?

1. Being sick.  Its the worst.  Teetering on the edge of full blown pneumonia and a ten day round of antibiotics is not awesome.  If I can have any excuse to be lazy I will totally go with it, but this shit saps ones energy like nobodies business. 
Mostly I am back to normal except for the feeling tired all the time.

2. Moving. Moving just always sucks but it doesn't help that I am a hoarder.  Like a quiet, you wouldn't really expect it type hoarder.  No, I don't have bags of my own shit,  jars of urine or excessive amounts of animals.  I do have every single birthday/Christmas/Easter/Valentines card ever given to me.   I could start a used bookstore with my collection of books.  I still have my love of reading award from grade 3, every dumb story I wrote in kindergarten through grade 6, my emo poetry from high school and my safety patrol plaque from grade 5.   Oh, also my wisdom teeth that were removed in my twenties.  HOARDER.

3. Robins in Spring.  Today, this stupid fucking robin flew RIGHT INTO my car.  It was a kamikaze.  At first I though it was successfully going to dodge, but no.  It actually changed directions three times, just to make sure of its own death.  I had to watch the feathers and its tiny carcass explode in my rear view window. I didn't stop to make sure it was dead and not suffering.  Why? Because I am a pussy.  I get upset when I have to kill sugar ants. Caving in a tiny bird's skull with a rock, just might be the thing that sends me over the edge.   

The flip side?  
1. The friends who take two days and blitz move their hoarder friend out of her house.  

2.The friend who laughs with you about the stupid fucking robin you just murdered.

3.The friends who all signed up for workout classes (because they like that shit or something) who played along with my humming and hawing, but knew that I would join so I wouldn't be left out. 

4. Romantically sharing codeine cough syrup with your equally sick boyfriend.  Even though he thinks he is sicker than you.

Best humans in the world. 


Ps. No, I have not fucking worked out in three weeks.  Zero to hero-ing it!

Pps.  Ohhhhhh, We settled on name and have a Facebook page!  Quadra Island Mud Skippers. Because we are adorable like that!  Soon we will be begging for money and or demanding everyone attend the fundraising burger night at the Legion in April!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tough Bitches: 117 Days to Go

Sundays are lovely.  Big fat glorious Sunday.  I had a super great one too.  Brunch with the bitches in honor of marriage. Snowy drives with my man, in the woods.  Chasing Timber around and throwing snowballs for him.  Breakfast for dinner and an episode of Black Sails.  I even did a load of laundry.  So pretty much I am on point today. 

Driving with Adam

This whole weekend has been pretty sweet actually.  Lets recap shall we?

Well first off, I do know that Thursday is not part of the weekend but, I did stuff and I want to brag about it.  I got up at 645am.  If anything is amazeballz, it would be that.
Also, I was at the spit by 7am and running my booty along it.  It was great.  I didn't see anyone and I got a view of the sun rise.

Running back, was a bit blinding at some points, but beauty non the less.
I have maintained a pretty constant number of 45 minutes to do the whole circuit.  Usually I will run two songs and walk on the third.   I am wanting to change it up a bit by doing some of the Mudder practice moves every so often. That will be happening Tuesday.  

On Thursday nights, the Girls and I have been going to a Butts and Abs class with Brett of Saltwild Fitness.  She kicks our asses every week. I fucking nailed push ups with alternating leg lifts. The suction cup noise of my sweaty back sticking to the dirt on the community centre floor while doing a thousand years (1 minute, maybe) of sit-ups was not a highlight.  In fact it was super gross.  This is one part of the whole thing I got planned that has me looking askance. I fucking hate being dirty. I mean actual physical dirt. Like mud and shit. Hate it. Gross.

Anywhoodle, I got to chat with Brett quickly post class about TM, as she did it last year.  Her main advice was to work on upper body strength.  Which is what I need to work on the most :/ Adam and I talked about setting up a chin up bar on the porch for me to work on it.  Brett's suggestion was hand stands against a wall.  Transitional exercise she says. I couldn't really even do a hand stand when I was a kid for shits sakes, how the hell am I going to do them now? I also can't cartwheel. 
 So totally have to admit, I maybe pushed myself a bit hard.  My knee has been sore this weekend. There definitely has been an ice pack on there and a couple of doses of ibuprofen.  The dancing probably didn't help, but that is Friday's story.

Friday: Champers and dirty songs where the theme of Kirstie's 33rd birthday celebration.  As should be for everyone's birthday actually.... The HBI had a funny lady singing songs about farting on dicks and we has 3 bottles of sparkling wine. Obvs I have zero recollection of any song, other than that one, as it was the first one she sang..... Next stop, pub side to dance excitedly to one of my long time faves, Will Rendal.  His rendition of "Put me in Coach" is inspiring.  I'm not being sarcastic. I fucking love it when he does that one. 

This involved being tired and laying my head down on the desk with Liss at the shop.  We watched the snow fall.  She fucked around with the website design and I made some jewelry. So actually mildly productive now that I think about it....  

Now that I've filled you all in, gotta get to bed! Monday will be here and probably more snow, in the blink of eye... Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Loves to the end!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tough Bitches: 121 Days to Go

What happened to day 122? Uhhh.... wibbly wobbly timey wimey time stuff? Tuesday's gone with the wind? Tuesday Wednesday heart attack? Take your pick, really.

Wednesday (121)

This morning I totally woke up like a champ at 6am! What the fuck? Is this an hour people normally see? Nope, went back to bed for an hour.  7am, super reasonable.  Got up ate boring old oatmeal with chia, hemp seeds and raspberries.  Got geared up to run the spit in the sun rise.... Life always has other plans for me.  I live at the bottom of a steep paved driveway.  Can also be used as a luge track at 745am.  My car was frozen in at the bottom. Sigh.  Fine. Back to the house I go.

Maybe Mudder? Yeeeaaah, turns out that the Maybe Mudder boot camp circuit is a touch to advanced for me as, Liss and I found out yesterday while trying to figure out what the hell they were talking about with the descriptions. One is seriously called "Turd's Nest".  Care to guess what move that is? You would be wrong.

Mudderling it is!  3 circuits of 3 cardio and 3 obstacle exercises.   Their time? 40 minutes.  My time roughly 35.  It was a challenge.  I know I'll get better.  I know I'll be able to 2 straight minutes of burpees. One day.  Definitely not this day.  

Team News! My friend Kate has decided to impulse join us in this! Fuck Yeah! If anyone else wants to get on this crazy train, our current team name is Quadra Girls (We HAD to pick something), it is password protected so you will have to talk to one of us on the team first!

In totally unrelated news, I started season 2 of House of Cards.  I fucking adore the shit out of Kevin Spacey.  

Loves to the end!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tough Bitches: 123 Days to Go


Fine.  Yesterday was a cheat day.  Everybody needs cheat days right? Lazy, I only live in my pyjamas type cheat days? I has loads of plans of getting up at the crack of dawn and doing the Mostly Mudder boot camp before my 9am shift at the clinic.  Did this happen? Fuck no.  I pressed snooze until I forced myself up at 8. 
Do you see a trend? I sure do and man, I gotta change my routines if I want to actually be ready for TM.

In the short time I left myself, I did manage to bang out 7 minutes of circuit training.
The idea behind this one, was to see where I stood, ability wise.  Like how many push ups can I do in 1 minute? 18.... Do girly style count? Because if no, then 3. THREE. Holy shit. Not even full ones. Like my chest came nowhere near the ground.  So real talk, I can do zero push ups.  UGH!  Be mildly annoyed at myself, shower and get to work.  I thought that I would have to be there till 7pm, happily turned out that I was done at 5.  Impromptu Spit run with Tash at 6!

Rebecca Spit: About 5.5 km from the Heriot Bay Road turn off, to the end and back again.  I don't have an odometer, so I really am making up that distance figure.  Someone told at some point the exact. But wtfc.

It is actually a really nice run/walk/meander, one of my favorites for sure.  Normally, it looks like this:

Nice and clear, most spots you can run two abreast. Buuuut, this is me we are talking about so....

Preparedness: One headlamp with mostly dead batteries for the two of us.  Silly girls.
This is very similar to what it really was like at 6pm in February. Minus some light, actually.

I definitely did not have much hope for myself as the last time I ran was The Goddess Run in Victoria, June 2013.  Surprisingly, I kept up with Tash for all of it, until we were forced to stop, lest we break a leg in the dark. Go Team!

Speaking of the Team.  Maya's brother has said he wants to do it with us! Adding strong boy power to the mix is a great thing!  Now we definitely need a solid Team name.  The Cunning Stunts, which we have been talking about might not fly with him.... 

Loves to the end!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tough Bitches: 124 days to go.

11am Sunday:

What have I done? Endurance training and shit? Am I fucking insane? One thing I do know, is that I should be doing workout stuff right now or going for a run in the snow.... But TL is snuggling and the fire is so nice! Later. I'll run later....

10pm Sunday:

Literally, figuratively and metaphorically.  I have done zero physical activities this day.  Well, I did manage to eat ALL of my valentines candy whilst my ass is nestled so nicely in the couch.  Not on the couch, most definitely IN the couch.

Looks like TL, but it isn't...... weird.

Yup. Ate all my favorite things instead of doing one thing I hate; exercise. I am truly THE WORST.  On the flip side, clearly Adam is the best as he psychically knew all my faves. 
I have a migraine from life or sugar. Who knows anymore. Goodnight.

Loves to the end!