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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Style Crush:

Toms Shoes.........

If you haven't heard about Toms shoes......let me introduce you!

I fell in love with Toms shoes a while back......but when I mentioned it a few friends that I liked them and wanted some, I got "they're ugly"....but I didn't really care what they said or thought, we can't all like the same things, life would be boring wouldn't it? So, when I finally found them, I bought 2 pairs......they are not only cute, but super comfy. And since buying them I've had a lot have people ask me about them and want them. I said not only are they cute & comfy, they have an amazing cause behind for one, which means you buy a pair of shoes and they will give a free pair of shoes to a child in need.


We are all privileged enough to be able to buy shoes (many pairs) for ourselves and our children, we can all give awareness to this cause by joining in with and doing One Day Without Shoes, on April 8th, you can go to Toms and find out if there is a walk in your community or just wear no shoes....for one day, one hour, whatever you can can also go to Toms and go to the toolkit and download and print banners, stickers, posters, and stencils for shirts.....give a little awareness for those who go without everyday....take a walk in their shoes (so to speak) and see what it's like....I know I am ....I hope you will too!

Monday, March 29, 2010


We are both suffering from MondayMushMinds today. So, instead of dazzling y'all with our ingenious words, we thought we'd share some of the music we are listening to atm. Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today I...

... woke after a dream that I delivered my own baby girl on the living room floor of a friends house. I hadn't been pregnant before she decided to come out. (Have I mentioned that I don't want more kids? This was a borderline nightmare.)

... had to threaten my children with death unless they brushed their teeth. They laughed at me.

... wish I had this colour nailpolish.

... did not sneak candy while getting the kids ready for school (cough).

... decided I don't trust ppl with tidy crafting spaces. Nope, don't believe you. Posers.

... have the general attitude of... Pfft...

... again noticed the dead fish that's been in our tank for a week... but didn't take it out.

... feel I've lost my "muchness"

... 'm humming Pooh Bear's song. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rings and Things

My MIL is coming for dinner tonight (she's dropping her dog off for the week while she jumps over to Hawaii. Yes, we are a Dog Hotel). I should prob clean the bathroom, but not sure I'll get around to it. She knows me, my MIL, I like to think that she rolls her eyes good-naturedly (I think that whenever anyone rolls their eyes at me it's in a "oh she's so adorably annoying" kinda way. I'm never wrong about this, ask my husband) at my blatantly adorable flaws, for instance, my inability to clean.

Actually, if I ever mention sewing on a Sunday again, I give you a free pass to roll your eyes at me with any feeling you want, because I won't do it. I won't. Sundays are busy for me, but I somehow manage to forget this every week until Sunday rolls around. Sunday is the day that I get ready for the rest of the week: Laundry, vacuuming, school lunch prep, blahblahblah...

On Friday I mentioned that I would share some of the new crafts I've been working on. I've never tried making rings before, but lately I've been needing instant gratification projects, like super instant. Instant coffee vs coffee maker, instant (although, maybe it takes longer to boil the water for instant coffee than it does to make a pot, so that may not be the best comparison). I knit a couple of plushies for the kids, they adore them, but i wasn't really feeling it. Also, although they really only took like an hour to make, they just weren't quick enough.
So I started palying around with scraps of stuff I had in my stash and this is what I came up with (the fingerless gloves are mine as well):

**Note: The rings are made entirely from recycled and salvaged materials. Just doing my part to make the world greener, ya know... or maybe it's cuz I'm cheap and don't like to waste anything.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend at Mt. Washington

  Before Clayton & I had kids our biggest love (besides each other) was snowboarding. We used to spend our winters snowboarding as much as humanly possible. I even snowboarded while pregnant with my first two kids. Well, times have changed and we don't get up even a quarter as much as we would like....and having kids makes things more difficult and expensive. But this weekend our whole family were invited to spend the weekend with our friends, Andrea & Bob, and their kids up at Mt. Washington in their condo. It was a beautiful sunny weekend...and we couldn't pass up the opportunity. So, friday morning we packed up, dropped the dog off with Lissy, and up the mountain we went.

   After doing and getting all the things we needed in town, we got up to the condo around 3pm. The kids were dying to get their snow gear on and play in the snow. After a few hours everyone came in, we made dinner, kids played, and we sat around talking and have some drinks together. Then it was off to bed to get some rest before a day of  boarding.

  We woke to a beautiful sunny favorite weather for snowboarding....I love spring conditions. We got to the lodge and got Sanoah set up in her snowboarding lessons (she was so excited).

   So, after we got Sanoah all set up and off, we took the other 2 kids to get their gear. Clay & I decided we would teach the older 2 kids ourselves. Rumer has tried snowboarding one other time, and Soren had never tried yet.....they both did so great, lots of falling on their butts at first, but by the end of their day they had the basics and were quickly improving. On our way down to the chair lift we could see Sanoah and her group and we watched her from afar, and waved to her as she got on the chair.

    Our friend Bob took all the kids back to the condo and Clay & I got a few runs in all to ourselves....I'll have to admit we both felt like we were young again, doing what we both love and loved so much together was a great moment. The weather and snow were perfect. Snowboarding has such a free no cares in the world....perfect.

    It was a great day and weekend all around. The kids had tons of fun and all of them can't wait to do it again. Going snowboarding reminded us how much we love to do it, even though we can't do it as much as we'd like, it also gave us the push to make it happen more for the kids and us.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I've been running a day ahead for the last 3 days. It's made the week seem really slow. However, the one good thing about this is that I've had that "Friday Feeling" two days in a row. You know that feeling right? It sorta feels like this:

Yesterday Kim and I did a tiny photo shoot with a few of my new rings. I hope to post them Monday or Tuesday, depending on how the weekend pans out. Here's a tiny taste:

Kim and her family are spending the weekend at a freinds condo up on Mount. Washington. Lots of snow play for them, I imagine, while we watch their old man Jake. They dropped him off this morning and he's a sad, sad, boy at the moment.

As for my weekend, besides watching Jake, we'll be going to my nieces 2nd birthday party and (hopefully) finally going to see Alice in Wonderland. Also, I've been wanting to sew for the past few weeks, but to do so requires hauling out all my equipment and setting it up (it also requires a bit of clean up before that can happen). The thought of all that has been enough to deflate any motivation I've mustered up lately, but on Sunday I plan to stop lazing out and just do it. Probably....

Anyways, have an amazing weekend and here are a few Friday Feelings to close out the day.