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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today I...

... woke after a dream that I delivered my own baby girl on the living room floor of a friends house. I hadn't been pregnant before she decided to come out. (Have I mentioned that I don't want more kids? This was a borderline nightmare.)

... had to threaten my children with death unless they brushed their teeth. They laughed at me.

... wish I had this colour nailpolish.

... did not sneak candy while getting the kids ready for school (cough).

... decided I don't trust ppl with tidy crafting spaces. Nope, don't believe you. Posers.

... have the general attitude of... Pfft...

... again noticed the dead fish that's been in our tank for a week... but didn't take it out.

... feel I've lost my "muchness"

... 'm humming Pooh Bear's song. 

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