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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Style Crush:

Toms Shoes.........

If you haven't heard about Toms shoes......let me introduce you!

I fell in love with Toms shoes a while back......but when I mentioned it a few friends that I liked them and wanted some, I got "they're ugly"....but I didn't really care what they said or thought, we can't all like the same things, life would be boring wouldn't it? So, when I finally found them, I bought 2 pairs......they are not only cute, but super comfy. And since buying them I've had a lot have people ask me about them and want them. I said not only are they cute & comfy, they have an amazing cause behind for one, which means you buy a pair of shoes and they will give a free pair of shoes to a child in need.


We are all privileged enough to be able to buy shoes (many pairs) for ourselves and our children, we can all give awareness to this cause by joining in with and doing One Day Without Shoes, on April 8th, you can go to Toms and find out if there is a walk in your community or just wear no shoes....for one day, one hour, whatever you can can also go to Toms and go to the toolkit and download and print banners, stickers, posters, and stencils for shirts.....give a little awareness for those who go without everyday....take a walk in their shoes (so to speak) and see what it's like....I know I am ....I hope you will too!

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