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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Style Crush: Alice in Wonderland

I've read Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" twice to my daughter, we're reading it a third time now. That book is enough to make her willing say "Please" (anyone that knows her knows that it takes nothing short of shoving bamboo shoots under her nails (just like Sayid did to Sawyer in Lost, remember?Lost...) to get that kid to use her manners) just to read it, she loves it that much. It doesn't matter to her that the version we have only has tiny black and white pictures on the chapter pages, it didn't matter to her when she was three either. To her, it's the words. The words are so quirky, the things Alice says are so funny, that Kaidence is enraptured for every minute that we read it.

Kids aren't the only ones that love Alice though, and thanks to Disney/Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland has seen a resurgence, maybe like it's never seen before. For those of you that have seen the movie, or even just the trailers, you know that the wardrobes in the movie are like nothing else. In fact, Alice's dresses may have been my favorite part of the whole thing, or rather, her outfits, the accessories were just as great as the dresses. Never before have I wanted to wrap a strip of ribbon around my upper arm, but that movie had me considering it. And the fingerless gloves! Well anyone that knows me knows that fingerless gloves are kinda my thing (pretty sure my SIL Lisa thinks mine have rooted themselves onto my arms. She once was convinced that I was going to wear them to our friends wedding... (actually, don't tell her, but I totally would have, if I had nice ones like Alice's.)), so when they pop up in movies that I love, it takes me to a happy place.

It isn't just that version of Alice that inspires artist, however, every adaption seems to spark creative juices. Here are a few of my favorites, from fashion to art.

This is just me. And I'm wondering why I don't already have this.



This was my favorite dress of the movie hands down...

Kim and I adore PinkyToast.  We both have several prints of her's on our walls.

Nicholas Kirkwood
I LOVE these... minus the "old lady tea party centerpiece silk leaves" Did you notice the heel? *sigh*

Tom Binns

There were a few pairs of fingerless gloves in this movie, these ones were my fav. I so need some fancy ones now.

It's really hard to find a good picture of it, but the main outfit that Caterina Scorsone wears in the SciFi mini series Alice (and if you haven't seen it, you should, it's fun, and Hatter is hot) is awesome. Well OK, so the dress isn't my fav, but the colour of it with the tights and the jacket (oh god the the jacket... *drooling*) and the boots (good lord the boots...) well, like I said, it's awesome


Elena kalis
The reason I love this photo is clear.  Everyone should swim in a pool, in a dress and knee sock, with a pink flamingo balloon. Obviously.

Anyways, I could go on and on with the Alice inspired things that I love, but really long blog posts are really really boring. So I won't keep you. You can go now, but come back  later, like tomorrow. And remember... eh-hem... comments and followers are nice...*cough*


Farrell said...

Alice in Wonderland and Spring time go hand in hand.... If I could fit myself into them, I'd wear some colorful madhatter tights....thanx Fm

Janice said...

LOVE the Alice jacket too much - I WANT it!

tess said...

Love your Alice in wonderland tribute..the book is a wonderful place for a little girl to go!!

Lissy said...

Farrell, you could totally rock some MH tights. You have rockin' legs.

Mom, of course you want the jacket, you and I love the same things always (or at least 75% of the time).

Tess, thank you so much. And thanks for becoming a follower too.