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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh such pretty things.......

Well it's Sunday, the end of a long day and weekend, but a great one. Last night I went to a friends 40th birthday party and the theme was was a blast and everyone dressed up, skimpy, colorful costumes, make up and feathers everywhere, it was great. Everyone was so creative ( I will share pics after I upload to my computer). It was a fun night.

So for tonight blog I'm going to share some pretty things, some of it reminds me of the carnival theme........enjoy!

This was like my make up for carnival that my friend Alli did for me.

pretty mask

pretty pink horse
(who wouldn't want a pink horse)

pretty lips

pretty art
amazing her work
Audrey Kawasaki 

pretty hair

pretty girl & fox

pretty feathers

life is pretty

Pretty things are everywhere........

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