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Monday, April 19, 2010


It's that day again... Monday.

I hate Mondays, as a rule, but this morning my mom took me out for breakfast (love you Mom!), so it's not so bad.

While eating breakfast, warm in the cafe, a steaming cuppa chai warming my paws, I watched my children (Kim's too) run laps (ok, they didn't actually run, they walked. Well, not really even walked, more like moseyed) around their school (all of the classes do this every morning). Maybe I shouldn't take pleasure in watching my children engaging in an activity that they clearly hate, but it (as well as my Mom) really made my morning. Sometimes children deserve a tiny torture, don't they?

Now to music. We've gone for upbeat music this week, to go with the spring weather. As usual, Side A (first 6 songs) are mine and Side B (last 6, obviously) are Kims. Not that that really matters, since we mostly listen to the same music. But anyways...

Hope you all have an easy Monday.

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