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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Style Crush: Yellow


My history with Yellow is fairly limited. I had one pair of pants as a kid that were very yellow, like, sunshine yellow and a banana yellow desk in my room growing up. Besides those, I can't think of anything that I had that was yellow until last year, when the color finally started to attract my attention and I bought a few things for my wardrobe.

This spring, the idea of fashion is to recycle most of last years wardrobe instead replacing it, and sprucing it up with a few choice items in bright, bold colours... like yellow.  Scarves, hats, shoes, rings, belts, jewelry, a shirt... small things to rejuvenate your old outfits.

Of course, yellow can't be limited to clothes...







(Emanuel Ungaro)




    I love the color Yellow.....I have been wearing yellow for years, and it's so nice to see it becoming so popular because now it's so much easier to find and in a variety of shades.Yellow is such a bright cheery color you just can't help but smile:)


Maya said...

Love the bumblebee gum boots! Very... Quadra? He He!

Janice said...

Lissy you also had a yellow jumper thing made out of yellow fabric - I think it was even made with a real pattern and not a paper bag!