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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Wow! What a week! Almost overwhelming really. We broke so many milestones that we hadn't really anticipated and it was so much fun, that we've decided to do this monthly. So watch out for that.

We really want to thank everyone, new and old followers, for all your well wishes, compliments and support.

Now, lets just get to what you're all really dying to know...

The winners, as drawn from

The winner of the K.A.E Necklace is...


Well, we're really really glad that the Chevron Necklaces were one of your favorites, since you won one!!! Congrats Annik!

The winner of the B!tchBag is:

Congratulations Denise! You won Billie! Thanks for becoming a follower! We really hope you and Billie get along nicely, but remember, she's a bit of a B!tch...

and finally, the winner of:


Maya!!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it was you, is that weird? It shouldn't be, those of you that are new around here wouldn't know this, but Maya is one of our most loyal followers. She comments on almost every post we put up and is always so encouraging.We're very excited that you won something, Maya!

And that's it! For now.

Again, thank you everyone that entered, and watch out for the giveaway coming next month.

**anyone that didn't receive their 10% off coupon, it's either because you forgot to leave your email or we somehow missed you. If you would like one, please email us and we'll send one to you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

100 followers and a Playlist

Well, it happened, we hit 100 followers during the night! Do you know what else happened? That's right, the earthquake in Japan.

I found out about both within minutes of eachother. So while I was, and am, so excited to finally reach that number, I have a hard time being as excited as I normally would be. How can a person be reveling in such a thing when CNN is on in the background displaying pictures of death and destruction?

Regardless, I didn't want to ignore our little victory, so I've put together a small playlist for you. Playlists have been coming few and far between, so it's almost like a treat, right?

Hearts & Bubbles

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

*** Caution***
If you do not like free stuff, avert your eyes now

March 14th marks our blogs one year anniversary and to celebrate, we opened (actually, we just put stuff in it for the first time, we opened it 3 years ago, shhhh.....) an etsy shop and are doing a big giveaway!

That's right we're giving away Polluted Pixie handmade items. There will be 3 winners... 3. Did you hear that? You will have 3 chances to win!

**Also, every person that enters will get a 10% off coupon code to our etsy shop emailed to them, just for entering and being an awesome follower.

Many of you entered our last giveaway, so the entry process should be familiar. The number one thing is, you must be a public follower of the blog. To do this, you click on the "Follow" button in our right side bar and follow the instructions. Make sure you select "follow publicly" instead of "privately" otherwise we can't tell that you are a follower.

How to enter:

1. Become a public follower
2. Leave a comment with your name and email address (don't forget your email address, we need to be able to send you your coupon and contact you if you win), and the name of your favorite item from our etsy shop.

******For extra entries ******

To increase your chance of winning you can earn extra entries by:

1: Tweeting about our giveaway and/or etsy shop (we're @PollutedPixie)
2: Blogging about them
3: Posting them on your Facebook wall

(Don't forget to tag us or add a link back to our blog, etsy shop, or twitter account!)

(There is no limit to this, do it daily if you want)

Each time you do one of the above, leave a new comment, on this post, telling us what you did and we will add it to the pot.

Are you ready to see what you could win?


One winner will receive an original K.A.E. chevron necklace made by Kim:

One winner will recieve an original B!tchBag made by Lissy. Remember Billie?

And finally, one winner will win...

End Date for Entries: March 14th 10am (PST)
Draw Date: March 14th 12pm (PST)

Monday, March 07, 2011

!!!Grand Opening!!!

That's right! We finally did it. We put items in our  
etsy shop!!!

Yup, we're pretty excited about it... it only took us, like, 3 years to get to it, (No really, check out our opening date... it says 2009) but we did it!

You may have noticed our absence lately, well now you know the cause. We've been working like crazy, using up our immense amounts of brain cells, trying to get all the details in order. Shipping materials, business cards, photos... things to sell. And now we're ready, just in time for our blog's 1 year anniversary!


We're celebrating it all tomorrow... come back and check it out.

In the mean time, check this out.

Polluted Pixie

Come to the shop often, we'll be adding new things daily this week.

Friday, March 04, 2011

B!tchBag: Meet Billie.

Yer Hot. Ya know it.

Didn' ya jus' steal that guy from that lil' bit o' nuttin' 'cross the bar?

All ya had ta do was ride that there mechanical bull, an' he was yers...

Well then, how come all yer baby sister has ta do is wear a bit o' lace,  bat 'er baby blues, an' he's pantin' in her lap like a fly on warm sh!t?  Neither o' them even threw a guilty look yer way as they ditched yer ass.

Why does she need yer man when she goshdarn could have any one she wants?

Oh, that's right, stupid hoecake only wants what's yers. Billie's been swipin' what's yers from right near the second she were born. Startin' with yer old folk's love.

She's just a good fer nuttin' b!tch!

Not anymore though, now she's just a B!tchBag, waiting to be your B!tch.

Like her big sister Ellie-Mae, Billie is 6x10" of pure vintage leather jacket magic.

She's Leather 'n' Lace.
She's a clutch. 
She's a wristlet.
She's whatever you want her to be.

Billie has an inner pocket the perfect size for your phone, camera or mp3 player. She's fully lined, double seamed and zipper topped, so you can shut her up good. 

Love her, abuse her. She'll say thank you and ask for more. She's a durable, rough 'n' tumble kinda girl...


♥'s & Bubbles,

** Sewn on my new pet, a Frasew Industrial sewing machine named Frauline Braunhilde...