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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B!tchBag: Ellie-Mae

Meet Ellie-Mae.

It's Girls Night Out. You look amazing. You know it, and he knows it too. Already he's bought you two drinks and is trying to talk you into some shots of Fireball. Yeah, that's right, you have his full attention...

That is until he spots this Country B!tch across the room, riding the Mechanical Bull.

She won't be riding a bull ever again though, because now she's just a B!tch Bag... waiting to be your B!tch.

Ellie-Mae is 12x8" of pure vintage leather jacket magic. 

Did I mention fun? Well, I suppose that goes without saying, anyone that rides a bull is fun. However, she is also multifaceted and oh so flexible. Turn her into a shoulder bag, a clutch or a wristlet, she does it all. 

She's fully lined, double seamed and zipper topped, so you can shut her up good. 

Yup, she's even got an elastic topped inner pocket as well as two outer pockets, all the perfect size to hold your phone, mp3 player or wallet. 


♥'s & Bubbles,


mandolynn said...

man that bag is awesome! Lissy you are so talented! You make amazing bags, your writing style is off the hook and you take great photos! Well it does help that your model is super hot too... hahaha

Lissy said...

Having a super hot model, that's willing to stand in the snow in a tshirt, makes things easy really.

You're Awesome, Meems.

And thanks for all the lovely compliments. I'm preening...

Kristi said...

Love this one too!!! Your B!tch Bags are AWESOME!!!!

Lissy said...

Thanks Kristi!

Maya said...

Lissy you are so talented! Your bags are Awesome and absolutely one of a kind! I can't wait to see more! Oh and kudos to Mandy for modeling in the snow! You're both hardcore! xo