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Friday, March 04, 2011

B!tchBag: Meet Billie.

Yer Hot. Ya know it.

Didn' ya jus' steal that guy from that lil' bit o' nuttin' 'cross the bar?

All ya had ta do was ride that there mechanical bull, an' he was yers...

Well then, how come all yer baby sister has ta do is wear a bit o' lace,  bat 'er baby blues, an' he's pantin' in her lap like a fly on warm sh!t?  Neither o' them even threw a guilty look yer way as they ditched yer ass.

Why does she need yer man when she goshdarn could have any one she wants?

Oh, that's right, stupid hoecake only wants what's yers. Billie's been swipin' what's yers from right near the second she were born. Startin' with yer old folk's love.

She's just a good fer nuttin' b!tch!

Not anymore though, now she's just a B!tchBag, waiting to be your B!tch.

Like her big sister Ellie-Mae, Billie is 6x10" of pure vintage leather jacket magic.

She's Leather 'n' Lace.
She's a clutch. 
She's a wristlet.
She's whatever you want her to be.

Billie has an inner pocket the perfect size for your phone, camera or mp3 player. She's fully lined, double seamed and zipper topped, so you can shut her up good. 

Love her, abuse her. She'll say thank you and ask for more. She's a durable, rough 'n' tumble kinda girl...


♥'s & Bubbles,

** Sewn on my new pet, a Frasew Industrial sewing machine named Frauline Braunhilde...


Greg said...

I heart Billy!

Asia Girl said...

Greg actually doesn't really Heart Billy.....
Asia does
signed in on the wrong account
odd though....
that my bf would end up falling in love with a lil sister bag
even if he didnt know it
works well with the plot line
and it was completely unintentional
Billy is sweet
even if she is a bitch
can't help but adore her

Kristi said...

Awesome!!! Your bags are so amazing!! Love the detail :)

Maya said...

Giddy up is right! Love it!