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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Thing About Us...

Kim and I, we talk a lot. Like A lot. And that is mostly our thing, talking about sh*t, not actually doing it. Which really isn’t so great when you are actually wanting something to get done, ya know? (OK, so we do actually get things done, sometimes.) I suppose the problem is that we are major Dreamers, and some of our dreams, we could actually make happen, and we know it, but what do we do about that? We... talk about it of course. Sometimes we even get things started. But finishing things can be hard for us. It may be because of the talking.

A couple of months ago, I said to Kim, “I was thinking of starting a blog, like maybe a crafty sorta blog.” “I was thinking of starting a blog too!” Kim replies. (We are only mildly surprised at having the same thought at the same time. This actually happens quite often.) We both had the same worries however, having enough to say to actually keep a blog up and running. Obviously the solution to this was simple: we’d do it together. Of course we’d get more done doing it together. Together, we get things done! We already had a name for it! (a legal business name in fact, from a previous almost-followed-through-on project.) Polluted Pixie! This was so exciting!

Well, that was in January. As you know, it’s March and this is the first post. But did you notice that the layout has been customized a tiny bit? (Yes, only a bit, because although I told myself, “If a teen can do this in his/her post-apocalyptic-state bedroom while dealing with school, homework, gossip, drama, parents, heartbreak and hormones, then I can so totally do this.” Erm, it was actually really confusing. *cough*) Yes, that’s what we’ve been doing... slowly.

The thing about Kim is, she’s a very good friend, you see. When I say, "let’s do our own layout instead of a pre-made one," she doesn’t say no, she hardly even rolls her eyes at me. She lets me have at it! And then she sits by “patiently” while I f**k with it, and f**k with it, and f**k with it.

The thing about me is I think instructions are more like guidelines. I tend to read instructions and then think, “I can do that in 10 less steps!” or “it would be way easier if I did it this way instead of that way” (I blame my mother, this is the way she taught me to sew, cook, knit, you name it.). Maybe you are like this too? If so, then you know that this usually causes more problems, reroutes and frustration than if you had just followed the bloody instructions in the first place. And many times, you are forced to start from scratch and follow those f**king instructions. Erm... this is not what happened to me while trying to figure out HTML and CSS codes. Not at all.

Anyways. Look! We had an idea, and we’re actually following through with it. Yay! Do you see us?! Yay! Look, Mom! No hands!



Farrell said...

Farrell hearts this site!!....maybe I need to get a headband too...peace:)

Janice said...

I love your blog (what a weird name) it is so much fun!

Farrell said...

I cant stop peeking on here and seeing what you girls are up to. Nice cause with the shoes, and they look kinda neat too! Liss the kids look hillarious next to the huge overwhelming pile of disorganization, reminds me of home, my home.... Fm :)