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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facebook Giveaway!

Um, you may not remember me, but I once wrote here... like, lots. Sort of. It's been awhile though. Months, actually, I counted.

I'm Lissy.


While Mandy is Hooking, rug hooking that is, (she was supposed to be teaching me how, but I took once look at the millions of tiny pieces of yarn and balked) I'm going to blog. Cuz she told me I had to. And I'm an obedient sort of person, kind of.


So guess what. I'm doing a giveaway! All because I missed you! It's just from me!

...Don't tell Mandy I said that though.

The details are pretty simple actually, we're aiming at hitting 300 Facebook "fans". When we hit that number, we're going to do a draw to win this collection of sweet goods! 

1-Handmade Chicken Apron
1-Pair Luchador Socks
1-Tin Pocket Box "Mine"
1-"Spirit Abounds" blank card
1-Dirty Girl Handmade soap
2-Packs of gum, "Pocket Maraca" & Te Amo

So, share us with your friends. Convince them to like our Facebook page. When we hit that number we'll do a draw and let you know if you win! (don't worry about being local, we'll mail it to you if you're not)

1 comment:

Maya said...

Haha do you mail to China?