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Thursday, May 02, 2013

A Change Room of Our Own.

We've been talking about it for almost a year now, needing a change room.  Customers have been using our tea stained bathroom for far too long.  But, as we like to do, we put it off for a bit, and then a few more bits. Then one day, eons after we first had the idea, we decide to just finally do it.

4 days and 5 trips to our local building supply later, we have a fully functioning change room built by our four tiny girl hands. (OK, to be honest, there was no reason why this should have taken that long or that many trips to the Building Supply, that's just the way we like to do things. The long and complicated route.)

We're pretty proud of ourselves.

Supplies we used:

A drill
Some screws and drywall plugs
3 L-brackets (ugly ones, sigh)
1 Old door
2 Closet rod brackets
1 Shower curtain

How to put it together is pretty clear, no? 

And ta-da! People don't have to see our ugly bathroom anymore!


1 comment:

Maya said...

Girls, I'm seriously impressed! Both by the blogging and the building. Love you!