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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Girls with Tattoos

Sunday marked another Quadra Girls tattoo day, with Kim, Kirstie, Maya, Brandi and myself all driving down to Courtenay to the Black Rose Tattoo Company.

All of us, but Brandi, got "bro tats"
And then we got tats of our own:

Maya got a Lotus, she sketched herself, on her back.

Kirstie finally got her beautiful on her ribs.

Beautiful Brandi got her roses filled.
And they're pretty.

Kim's seasonal moons. February, May, June.
Lissy got this :)
Everyone is happily healing now. I'm having a hard time not picking at mine, sometimes I do pick at it....


Anonymous said...

Hi I wondered if you could tell me what font this is? I really love the style and I've tried searching for something similar but can't find a match, any help would be amazing :) Vanessa x

Lissy said...

All but two have different fonts, which one do you mean?