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Friday, June 04, 2010

Ha! Almost forgot again! Yeesh.

We made it this morning, but until Kim reminded me of it a few minutes ago, I was on the verge of completely forgetting to put up the playlist. Is it possible to develop Alzheimer's at age 28? (I'm 29 starting tomorrow. So really, that was probably my last chance to say I was 28, therefore I took it. (And then took it again)) Cuz seriously, I think I am.

Actually, a friend of mine turned me onto these fantasy novels by Robin Hobb, and because of them, any chance I get to read, I do, which cuts into blogging time and also my memory, apparently. If you like fantasy novels. Check her out. Robin Hobb  Start with the Farseer trilogy and move on from there.

Anywho, about the music. It's all covers, because really, what is funner than finding a really good cover of your favorite song, or a really good cover of a song you hate? (well... many things, actually. If you thought "nothing" to that question then you are much to lame to hang out with my Awesome. You may depart...) No, covers are fun. I love these versions of Hot in Herre and Whatever You Like. There is something I find entertaining about taking a rap/hiphop song and getting a folky, sweet voiced, girl to sing it. Maybe it's because I feel less retarded singing to it. Hopefully you do to.

Hearts & Bubbles,

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