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Monday, June 07, 2010

MusicVideoMonday: Stars

Our good friend Qwerty has this cousin, Amy Millan, who is really super cool. Seriously. As well as having an amazing soul career (she was nominated for a Juno this year) and recording with Broken Social Scene (a band which is amazing as well) she is in one of our favorite bands, Stars.

Now, Stars is not one of our favorites just because of the small "degree of separation" aspect of it (although that is fun), they earned their status just by being awesome. If you've never heard of them, check out their Myspace or Facebook page or search for them on Youtube.

Undertow, One More Night and The Night Stars Here are in my top 5, but a new album is going to be released this month, so that may change. Mark your calendars, The Five Ghosts is out June 22.

This is the first single from that album, it's pretty frickin' awesome:
Hearts & Bubbles,


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Kuli said...

Great song! Didn't realize she was Ali's cousin. Will be watching out for more music from the for sure! :)

* Not sure why my first comment came up as anonymous? Delete it if you can!