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Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24th means...

Dear K,

  Did you know that a whole bunch of cool stuff happened in history on June 24th?

  Stuff Like:

  • The First War of Scottish Independence ended with the Scots kicking the Brits asses (that's the WilliamWallace/BraveHeart/MelGibson war, if you don't know. Remember when MG was all sane and yummy-like? Those were good days.)
  • The colony of New Jersey was founded (before the Brits (ya, Brits again, they were totes greedy back then) took it and named it that, part of the state had been settled by Dutch and Swedish ppl, you know that means, right? That's right. Good Chocolate. No wonder the B's wanted it.)
  • Siam was renamed as Thailand... again.
  • A Captain Cabot (re)discovered(ah-hem, while working for the Brits) Newfoundland, Canada (after the Vikings had discovered it long before, of course.)   
  and also...

  Did you know that you were born on June 24th?


  It's your birthday and I'm so glad that you were born.

  Do you know why?

  If you had never been born, I would never know what time it is, and all those things that you remember for me, well they would never be remembered at all!

  So, my theory is: You were born for me.

  You were born to make my life a little bit easier. To make it run a little smoother. As my lady Martha S. would say, "It's a Good Thing."

  Thank you for being born, K.

  Happy Birthday.

  I love you inside, outside, upside down
  as much as brand new socks,

  PS. So, yesterday, I Googled what ppl that are born on your day are supposed to be like, just in case you didn't know and have been doing it wrong. But I think you've actually been doing pretty good. Check it out.


PPS. When I'm old, I want to be just like you....

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Dragonfly Freedom said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday KIM!!!! xoxoღღ

Kim said...

Thanks so much Lissy!!
I love you too!
And maybe when you get old (like me ) you will be as great as me......with a little training!!!

Kristi said...

Awww, hope it's a good day Kim - Happy Birthday :)

Michael Follon said...

You write:

'The First War of Scottish Independence ended with the Scots kicking the Brits asses...'

I suggest that you check the ACTUAL historical facts. The political state of Britain did not come about until 1 May 1707 - 410 years AFTER the Battle of Stirling Bridge and 393 years AFTER the Battle of Bannockburn. The 'Brits' or British is the collective term for ALL the peoples of this island since 1707 (irrespective of whether or not the inhabitants consider themselves to be Scottish, English, Welsh or even Northern Irish).

Don't treat the film Braveheart as being a totally true representation of certain events in Scottish history.

'William Wallace has attracted a great deal of attention from interested enthusiasts, but surprisingly little from historians. Of the several biographies readily available at the time of writing, not one has been written by anyone with a background in medieval history generally, let alone with any scholarly understanding of the society in which Wallace lived. The lack of an understanding has led to the easy acceptance of material that is at best questionable and at worst fraudulent. This is most evident in the film Braveheart. Not content with relying on Blind Harry's largely fictional poem The Wallace as the sole source of material, the writer, Randall Wallace, simply changed the story to suit a script that made no sort of historical sense and has, in fact, deprived Scottish people of part of their history by effectively undermining the factual material. The benefit of the Braveheart phenomenon is of course the extent to which it has heightened interest in medieval Scotland: an important consideration in a country where there is no viable programme of history in schools. Although did help to make Scots more aware of their past, the damage done to our perception of Wallace and of the early period of the Wars of Independence is incalculable. If it is true that a picture paints a thousand words, how damaging is it when the picture is a fantasy?'

SOURCE: 'WILLIAM WALLACE: The True Story of Braveheart', by Chris Brown, page 125, ISBN 0-7524-3432-2.

Lissy said...

Mr. Follon,

If you were a regular reader of this blog, you would know that 95% of what I write is tongue-in-cheek. Instead of voicing your complaints here, on our tiny blog, maybe you should take them to the websites that supply these facts to thousands, if not millions, of people (google "June 24th in history", you'll find them).

Oh, and while we're making suggestions...

I suggest that while commenting on a birthday post, you say, "Happy Birthday." If only to be polite.


Michael Follon said...

First of all, to Kim - "Happy Birthday".


I came across your blog as a result of doing a Google search on "William Wallace" and Braveheart.

Previously when I've submitted a comment about historical accuracy it has either been "Awaiting moderation" but ignored or there has been no follow-up comment. I have come up against this in other forms of communication. Against that background it's a bit like 'trying to get blood out of stone'. Unless an inaccuracy is contested there is always the danger that such a version might become accepted as being actual fact.

'Out of small acorns come large oak trees'.