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Monday, June 28, 2010

MusicVideoMonday: Jon and Roy

So, the wedding. What do I say about the wedding? It was beautiful, that's a given considering the location

and all the pretty people

But that's not the memory that will forever be branded into my mind when someone mentions our friends wedding. That memory will be of one of my table mates, the one that puked an entire bottle of red wine onto my table during the speeches.

This was unfortunately equally as funny and gross as it was mortifying for the poor bastard that did it (and his wife).

But anyways, onto MVM.

Have you heard of Jon and Roy. They are this awesome band from Victoria that sorta reminds me of a Trevor Hall/Jack Johnson-ish combo.

Recently they visited our tiny island (Not to play. I don't actually know why... or maybe I did and I've forgotten, but that's all the same, isn't it?), and our friend Sam randomly met them. As I've mentioned before, Kim and I love that sorta thing... connections through friends.

The Video we've chosen for you today is Another Noon, you might recognize the song, it was in a Volkswagen commercial .We both love this one and hope you do too.



Kristi said...

Beautiful song!!!
And it looks like it was a beautiful wedding too!!! I love weddings :) And I espeically loved the little 'mine' you have over your hubby - too cute!!! ;)

Maya said...

Oh I liked that!!! Not the story of the barfing of the red wine, that is, but the song. :)