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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wondering where the lions are.....

Well, I kind of got inspired by my song choice for the day. It's a great remake of the Bruce Cockburn 1979 original....Wondering where the lions are. I love Donavan Frankenreiter, he has a lovely voice.

My family is quite the nature show watchers and nature photography lovers, we all enjoy. We could spend the whole day cuddled on the couch watching shows and movies about animals.

Clay has gone on a camping stag trip today, Soren has gone to a's just the girls & I, and today kinda feels like a lazy Sunday (even though it's Saturday), I think we are going to snuggle and watch a movie tonight.
Hope you all have a great day & night!


Maya said...

Have you seen all the BBC series eg: Life of Mammals, life of Birds etc. They're awesome! My kids pick those over anything any day!

Kim said...

I have seen the Earth series, but no the Life series yet, it is next on my list.
My kids are the same!