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Friday, September 03, 2010

90's trends....

I keep noticing myself saying, "oww, I like that" and then I think....wait, I've worn that before, but when?.....oh right, in the 90's. I always thought that I wouldn't repeat trends that I've already lived through and have worn, but there are 2 that I've noticed that I seem to be on the look for .......the perfect plaid shirt and Doc Martens.

Red seems to be a theme.....hmm I think something with red in it!

So, these are the exact ones I had in high school, 10 hole bright blue ones, I loved them, wore them with everything, I'd probably still wear them now, but they went missing a few years back :(

There are so many fun ones now......
but I think if I bought new ones I'd go for

So, if there was a trend you'd do again.....what would it be???


Maya said...

I had black Doc Martens! They were the most uncomfortable footwear I ever owned but I wore them 'cuz they were COOL! Don't think I would do them again though!

Lissy said...

I've been rocking the oversized flannel plaid shirt for a while now. It's pretty killer. Makes Ethan uber jealous, because he's yet to find one, and he's desperate. Is mine the perfect one? Hell no, but it's like a first husband, you keep it around until a better one comes along... ;)

I've also been contemplating Doc's and Keds lately. In various colours. Like bright yellow, and red, and purple.

And, like we were talking about the other day, an oversized howling wolf or flying eagle sweatshirt, cut into the flashdance sweatshirt, of course.