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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Question

You're cutting your toe nails and one decides to make a break for it. It shoots from the nail clippers, flies across the room and disappears.... 

Do you go look for it or do you leave it for a nice surprise for someone else to discover some day soon?


(Find our answers is in the comments)


Lissy said...

Obviously I don't pick it up... do you know me? I leave that sh*t for someone else to step on... and then I laugh.

(I also flick boogers....)

Kim said...

no, I don't pick them up either, I might do a scan for them as I'm walking by when I finish....if I remember!

audrey said...

aaaaand that's why we clip on the deck!

turbo teacher said...

Yep, we clip outside or in the bathroom - they are easy to see on the bathroom floor, if they go astray :)

Maya said...

In the end isn't it us that clean the bathrooms anyway so it'll eventually be found... with all the other stray ones!