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Friday, January 21, 2011

B!tch Bag #1

 "Madge, You're Such a Dick"

MD is sooooo hipster. Much too hipster to be your friend anymore, after all, you shop at Old Navy and have no idea what glitch music is.

Pft, you are such a mainstream conformist.

In fact, this former best friend has totally nixed you simply because you can't follow a convo about philosophy, you quit smoking and don't own an ironic tshirt.

MD is made from Vintage Dick Tracy bed sheets, a flouncy black skirt, red airy curtains, and a leather belt. All combined she's  a rather large, 2 compartment, 5 pocket B!tch that will hold all your essentials, even your laptop.

So when Dick says:

"I'm on my way..."

you will be too.


Leslie R. said...

I like!

Maya said...

Lissy you are a superstar! Love it!

Farrell said...

I love the bag you made me a while back, it was awesome. Delicately made but really strong, I think I'll have it forever!xofm

Kristi said...

Awesome!!! I love it!!!! And I love the pocket on the outside and the use of the belt - so clever ;)