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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special Guest Star: Alli!

Do you remember when Heather Locklear was the special guest star on Melrose Place for, like, 4 years? Ummm... me neither... *cough*.... (Actually, my mom and I always wondered if she got paid more because of that.)

Anyways, Kim and I, we have our own Special Guest Star: Alli.

Alli has decided to join us, now and again, while on an extended hiatus from her own blog. I think maybe she's learned that Kim and I are way more fun to blog with then... well... herself. 

Pfft, obviously.

It's a little known fact that Alli is an original Polluted Pixie. Yup, once there were 3 of us. Now, for your enjoyment, there are three again...

For fun, before she does her first post, we're going to ask her a few questions, so you can get to know some really important details about her.

1. Would you rather be super pretty or super smart?
     Aww really? I hate that question. Can't I just be pretty and smart? Without the super? That's a compromise right? Wait, if I choose smart, am I hard to look at? Cause if I'm smart, I could make lotsa money and pay to be nice to look at. Tough choice but I think smarts make you pretty, so I'm gonna go with that, but I would really like to order a side of pretty if possible.
2. What do you do with your boogers after you pick them?
     Well if Kleenex is near by, I take that route but if not.... Roll and when they land on a hard surface and you can hear Then I just hope that the vacuum finds them, cause I vacuum every lie. So don't be scared to come visit, I promise my house is not riddled with hidden snot....or wait I do live with 3 boyz so I take that might wanna watch where you sit ;)

3. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?
 Reynolds....Good ol' Canadian boy! Never really understood why he was so popular but then I started to crush and it stuck.  (**eh-hem... Gosling is Canadian too... just saying. --xo L**)

4. What kind of road sign would you be, and why?
 You would think the answer to this question would be pretty simple right? Wrong! I decided to Google road signs and spent way too much time laughing at the ones that are out there. I'm a big fan of putting  "funny" in front of anything you Google, so here's what I came up with....

Im a breastfeeding mom and as much as I'm not sure if this is a real road sign it is how I feel! NO touchy!

This pretty much explains me on a daily basis!

You should all take a minute to check out some of the "funny signs in Google images!
I wanted to keep this post sorta clean but man I was tempted....

xo Alli



Kristi said...

Love it!!!

Your fan-Abby said...

Alli and gals- great blog! And thanks for the suggestion... I loved the funny road signs!