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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My First Knitting Pattern: Gadget Sock

OK, so I made this pattern. Patterns aren't really my thing. I think I've mentioned before that I was raised by a mother that took patterns, recipes, and instructions as guidelines, not rules. This sorta rubbed off on me. So, you know, following a pattern is about as natural to me as say... drinking 6 glasses of water a day instead of 3 pots of tea, or taking out the garbage, that is to say, it's not.

However, I try to learn one new thing every winter, (in regards to crafting that is, obviously I learn new things more than just in the winter. I learn new things every day. Like today, today I learned that Days of Our Lives is on at 9, 10, 12 and 1 and now you've learned it too. Lucky you.), and a few winters ago I taught myself how to read a knitting pattern **notice I said read, not follow**. Yes, I now know how to read patterns, but I still have a hard time following them. Yet, here I am trying to write one. So, I'm hoping you knitters will help me out. I'd like to know if this pattern is mistake free and follow-able, can you test it for me? It's a very quick project, it took me approximately the length of Grey's Anatomy to make this and write down the patter, so that's about an hour (I'm all about instant gratification), it will be less time for you I'm sure. It's a gadget sock. So far I've tested it on an iPhone, a Blackberry, and a camera and it fit them all. Test it. Tell me about it. Send me pictures if you make it.

*** If the end seam is too confusing. You can easily seam it with the Kitchener stitch instead.***

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