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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guilt-free Icecream!!!!

Did you know (#1) that I LOVE DQ's Reeses Pieces Blizzards? Kim and I have been known to pop in for a quick Blizzard snack while shopping in Campbell River (since we don't have one on Quadra) now and again. Ok, we get onion rings too. We share though, so that there is no overindulgence, since Kim cares about such things. It usually goes like this:

"We'd like one Reese's Pieces Blizzard and one onion rings, please." I order without making eye contact with the worker. Never do, not sure why.
"What size Blizzard?"
"Well, we're sharing... What size, Kim?" I know as I turn to her that asking her is a mistake, but I can't take it back.
"I don't know, a small?
Gah! I Knew it! "A small? Really? Fine. We'll get a small one, please," I say grudgingly.
"And what size onion rings?"
"Ummm..." I think of what Kim's going to want, I am a really good friend after all, "A small..." I can't stick to it though, "No, that's not enough. A small's not enough, Kim." I try to make her understand.
And she does.
"No, a small is not enough. We'd better get a basket..."
This is why she's my best friend.

(Lesson of the Day: Sharing = Guilt-free.  Regardless of the quantity)

Did you know (#2) that today, in Canada, it's Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day? The day that they give $1 or more, from every Blizzard sale, to your local Children's Hospital. I figure that if you're eating icecream for charity, then it's not only guiltfree, it's something to be proud of, right?

OK, to be honest, I don't ever feel guilty about eating icecream. I can eat it for breakfast with a clear conscience. I can eat it for all three, breakfast, lunch and dinner, without a twinge (well, there'd be a twinge in my stomach, since me and lactose aren't actually supposed to tango, but really, life with no icecream or chocolate is sad. I've lived it, I know. I won't do it anymore). For those of you, however, that do feel bad about such things as calories and sugar intake, today is your day to indulge.

Eat a DQ Blizzard, eat two.
Eat one for me and one for you.

And then go brag about it.



Kristi said...

Such a good and worthy cause!!!! I think we should go over and indulge ourselves ;)

Maya said...

I'm heading into town for this very reason! Just because you told me to. And I'm not getting a small either!

Panda said...

haha thats great! reminds me of my friend and i when we try and share something bad for us. i wish i lived in canada and now i really wish i lived in canada so my blizzard money went to childrens hospitals.

p.s. im grabbing your button.