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Monday, August 02, 2010

Miss us????

Yay we're back!!!

I know Lissy & I have both been pretty lame bloggers lately but, I do have an excuse (you'll have to ask Lissy for hers) if you want one........ok I'll give it to you anyways, My hubby was home for a week so we were off having fun. We went to Victoria for a night, visited his Mom and sister, went to the Imax (kids loved it), we also did back to school clothes shopping (we are almost done that now, just a few more things to get), we also had a beach day at Open Bay, a pool day & BBQ at friends. So, there it is, I've been busy making my hubby's trip home fun for him and the kids & I. Anywho enough with my excuse, I (we) will try harder to be here more for you guys (we do both have work, and families but we will try harder)!!!

So anyways, it's Monday (as you all know) but that means MusicVideoMonday, and because I've been so lame I'll give you 2.....both from the same band. I've loved this band for a couple of years now and still love them....I'm sure you've heard them before.....The Temper Trap!!

Sweet Disposition:


Hope you have a swell to you soon!!!

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