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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Journal Entry:

So I've been beyond boring this week, not only in actions but in mind too. Thus, the blog has had a pretty stagnant. Regardless of my Meh-ness, I do believe that you all deserved some form of post, therefore I'm going to share an ancient journal entry with you.


May 3, 2005

"Just another event to reaffirm the sort of daughter I've got.

Slowly I trudge up the hill. Kaidence weighing heavily in the backpack strapped to my back.

It's hot.


The only sound around us coming from my feet striking concrete and a distant rooster crowing.

My bright idea of walking Ethan to Preschool was not so bright after all. Not with this slow, never ending hill. Why didn't I think about the walking back part when I had this idea?

Breaths are getting difficult. The thirty pounder on my back is starting to squirm. She's mad at me, Kaid is. I promised her that we would stop and see the horses on the way back home, but the horses weren't in their field.

No horses = mean almost 3 year old

Kaid starts to swing her feet. Firmly kicking me in the ass over and over.

Low and behold! The next field has cows! I'm saved!

"Look, Angel. Cows." I whisper. It's all I can manage, between the hill the heat and the backpacks chest strap, I'm on the verge of asphyxiation.

Kaidences only indication that she sees them is a swift intake of breath.

We stand for a few minutes, watching the brown shaggy beasts. My back is throbbing it's self into stiffness. Knot after knot are popping along my spine. From where I stand, I can almost see our driveway. As she watches the cows, I stare longingly at home. I take a step towards it, and another.

"Stop, Mama!" Kaidence demands.

"No, Baby. We need to get home." Before I die.

"No! Mama! Me wait, see cows poo on grass."


That almost made me pause.

"Kaidence, that's one of the strangest requests you've ever made," I say but keep walking.

She slumps into a sulk, throwing her weight down and back, nearly crippling her mother.

Quiet returns. The birds are singing, the bugs buzzing.

A deer gently steps into the road

I stop.

"Kaid, look a deer."

Quickly she pops up. "Oooooo..." Kaid sighs.

I smile, knowing that she's loving this.

"It's so tute," my baby whispers in my ear.

The deer stops in the center of the road. It looks at us, looking at it.

"ME GONNA TILL IT!" Kaidence bellows.

Clearly shocked by such a monstrous 2 year old, the deer bounds away into the trees.

"Me gonna shoot John Deer with a gun!"

Cackling, she claps merrily.

Eh-hem. What a precious daughter I have. Such a sweet and mild demeanor she has..."


Maya said...

Hahahaha! That's funny! Sounds like my son!

Kristi said...

OMG, I LOVED this!!!! Where do kids come up with things - gonna shoot John Deere???
Too funny!!!

Farrell said...

Soooooo funny! Mean little thing...lucky shes so damn cute xoFm