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Friday, July 16, 2010


For any of you who doesn't know me well......I love to sleep in, and I'm pretty good at it too. That is one thing I love about summer, the kids are out of school, they sleep in themselves or can get their own breakfasts and turn the T.V on their own. And because I have an amazing husband who lets me be a stay at home mom, I get to sleep in, in the summer time (if I don't have to get up and go to my part-time job). But this morning at 7:50, I hear these lovely (really loud) squeaks coming from next door (an empty lot) I drag my butt out of bed, because I can't fall back asleep, and look out side......ahhh of excavator....nice......there goes my sleeping in for the rest of the summer. Summer is my favorite season of them all, (I like something about every season but,) summer has all the sun, heat, the water is warmer (a bit), people seem happier, I don't know, it's just my kind of season. And now since sleeping in is off my list of great things about summer, I guess I'll have to try an enjoy mornings :(

Here are some of the great things about summer:

I love a good BBQ
and some pink Lemonade (with Gin)
I don't have one, but I should probably get one...
This looks so nice,but I do have a bike, I have a bad knee....I sound old
This is totally what my friends and I do....(wouldn't that be awesome)
not that I always love myself in a bikini, but it beats wearing clothes at the beach
reminds me of going camping
ahh refreshing on a hot summer day
sunkissed skin
who doesn't love a good freezie?!
the beach,flip flops...2 of my loves!

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

What it is about summer you love?? that it's 9 am, they have stopped excavating......thanks ass holes!


Lissy said...

Don't worry, K. I slept in for you!!!
I like it when you sign off with the words ass holes!!!
Makes my morning.

turbo teacher said...

What I love about summer - goes with my status update yesterday - blueberries (well, all berries really), banana-coloured toe polish, and fluff novels.

Hope you get to sleep in tomorrow ;)