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Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Monday Again......

Can you believe how quickly summer is flying by? We are already half way done July......crazy! Today is my brother Jason's birthday......he always likes to say that I'm catching up to him in age......but, no'll always be older then me ...hahaha!!! He is the big 37 Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother!!!!

Happy B-day J!!!

It is also Monday today.....and if you're a regular reader you know what that means.....MusicVideoMonday!!
The video that I chose today is by Brandon Flowers, lead singer from the Killers, he has a solo album coming out in September. I love his first single called Crossfire. I think he is pretty damn hot, and Charlize Theron is in it too, she's hot too. I love the little smile he gives her every time she rescues cute! Anyways here is the video for the song. Hope you enjoy it!!

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire


Kristi said...

Cute video and I like the song too!! I love the first smile that he gives her :)
And a very happy birthday to your brother too!!

turbo teacher said...

I let Jason know that he was "famous" ;) We had to celebrate his birthday on Sunday, as he's been pulling 12 hour days at work, and working Saturdays :( I miss my buddy, my partner-in-crime, and the best Daddy EVER. BTW, when is Clay home? Soon, I think...

Kim said...

Yes, J is a crazy working man right now.....soon you'll have some holidays together!
Clay comes home Monday....we are all so excited!!!!