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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fairy Tales and Music Videos

I've got this friend, we've known each other basically since birth (you can see a young version of her here, she's in the picture with me). We used to tell people that our moms would set phones to their pregnant bellies so that we could talk in utero. I'm pretty sure that didn't actually happen although my parents did used to call us the Pickle Sisters and whenever we fought (which was pretty much every time we played as children) they would ask us if we were fighting about cheese (I know, my parents are f-cked). Anyway, what I'm getting at is that she is my oldest friend and now I'm moving on...

This morning she sent me the next chapter in her story called Life. This novel is a facebook convo that we've been having for the last... I don't even know how long, a year maybe, maybe more. Every so often she will write up a chapter about some crazy event that has just happened to her (and the sh-t that happens to her is seriously straight outta some f-cked up Rom-com) and then we'll discuss it.

Because she is this stupidly funny and rather eccentric girl living the single life in the city, and because she has no qualms about displaying her embarrassing behavior or thoughts for me, her chapters make my life. My life.

Today, the chapter was so awesome, so awesome, that it felt like reading a fairy tale and kink show all mixed into one ball of amazing, and now I can't focus on what I'm supposed to be doing. Thanks, Pickle. I love not getting things done. That came out sarcastic, but you know that I actually do sorta love not getting things done... well, chores anyway.

Someone should come and do my laundry.

And now that I've written y'all a novel, I'll get to what Monday is about here... music videos.

Last night, at the end of True Blood, there was a cover of Damien Rice's 9 Crimes. I love this song, and had almost forgotten about it, so as soon as I heard it I thought, "Song of the day tomorrow!", because it's my turn. Then I decided I would do a whole Damien Rice themed day, with that being the song of the day and the music video could be The Blower's Daughter (cause everyone loves that song, right?) But this morning, I went and watched the MV for Blower's daughter and it was pretty f-cking lame. Which totally ruined my idea.  However, all is not lost, for the MV for 9 Crimes, when I watched it, fascinated me and t's disturbing enough that I thought you all might like it too, so I switched things up a bit.

Song of the Day: The Blower's Daughter

Music Video:

9 Crimes

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Maya said...

Loved the post! Loved the song but that MV was f*cked!