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Friday, May 28, 2010


My oldest friend, Cyan and I, Mayday 1987. We were pretty certain that the newspaper declaring us the future May Queens 1. Made us famous 2. Was as valid as a magic 8 ball, so like 100% true

Our little island celebrates Mayday the Saturday after the May long weekend every year. There's a parade, maypole dancing, a cute little May Queen giving a speech, and my favorite part, bagpipes.  Pretty much our entire community goes to Rebecca Spit, rain or shine, to partake in the festivities, like: getting drunk during the picnic, tripping over some feral children while running the three legged races or using ones entire body, like the hand of a masturbating man, while trying to get the money at the top of the grease pole. That is where our families will be tomorrow, bright and early. Yippee!

So anyway, about the delay. Our playlist is going to be late... again. I'll be spending the day today at the dentist with my kids, getting their hillbilly teeth fixed, and Kim's internet is down. So no time for playlist fun this rainy day. Hopefully tonight we'll get to it, otherwise it'll be tomorrow, after our Mayday fun.

Also, sorry about the lack of posting this week. No excuse for it besides laziness. There is a reason my dad has called me Lazy Loo, my entire life. I'm not sure what Kim's excuse is.

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Kristi said...

A picture from when we were in kindergarten!!! Too cute!!! You and Cyan were the cutest best friends!! What a great picture :)
And there are a surprising amount of feral children on this island, aren't there?? Some of them go running around with their own little hammers too - it's rather scary :S

Maya said...

I miss Mayday! Love the pic of you and Cyan! And yeah, you better make up for lack of posts this week! Sheesh! Just kidding! xoxo

Qwerty said...

like the hand of a masturbating man? lol where do you come up with these witty things?

Lissy said...

Just by observation, Alli. Don't most adults see how phallic the grease pole is?