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Monday, May 17, 2010


I break up with Monday every week, but it comes back week after week. Apparently it listens as well as a three year old. Not impressed.

My weekend was amazing. The food, the hydropath, the company, my new flipflops, but not the bed. I'm still in pain from the bed. If you ever get the chance to go the the Kingfisher, I suggest you take your own pillow and an extra stomach.

Am slightly grumpy today for no other reason than it's Monday, so I thought I'd pick out a video that's fun and dark all at once. I love Charlotte Sometimes, if you haven't heard her before, go check out her myspace and have a listen,  she'll charm you.


Well, for me, mornings and I don't get along very well, but generally coffee comes in and smooths it all out for us. My video this lovely Monday morning is by John Butler Trio ('m loving their new album April this is one of their new video from that album....hope you like it!! xo

Have a great Monday!!!!!

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April said...

I love Charlotte Sometimes ♥