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Saturday, May 08, 2010

A "Lusciously Lokal" Saturday

This is what Kim and I will be doing tonight. The Lusciously Lokal fashion show. I'll be watching (and eating... and drinking) in the audience, while Kim will be behind the stage, this has been her love child for the past month or so. She is the co-directing the whole thing with our amazing friend Sam, who just happens to own our favorite local store Loka.

The tickets are sold out for the show, but if you're in the area, and you have a free night, pop down to the Heriot Bay Inn at around 9pm to check out the outfits, meet the designers, listen to some music and watch some fire spinning. It's going to be an awesome evening.

To learn a little bit more about how killer Loka is:

To check out our local stomping ground:
Heriot Bay Inn

And to discover one seriously awesome, burlesque dancing, Fire Hooper:
Lovely Lola Peach

**Random fact about Lissy: I now get motion sickness from swinging on swing sets, as was proved earlier today. Which, you know, is totally rad.

1 comment:

Qwerty said...

i cant do the swing thing anymore either...its an aging thing.
See you at the show... i will be makeuping then watching with my baby from the side lines...