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Saturday, May 01, 2010

2 Apologies and a Playlist

Dear Readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts. Kim's parents are here from outta town so she's snuggling. And me? Well I decided to watch the entire season of Spartacus in two days. Gladiator abs, blood, and cock distracted me. I'm sorry, but really, can you blame me?

Dear Spartacus,

I'm sorry the actor that plays you is sick. When he gets better, let's hang out in my living room again. I love-- I mean... I want to touch-- I mean... You're hot. Erm...

As for the Friday playlist well, it's still a Friday playlist, but it's a bit late, woops. Blame Spartacus, and Kim's parents, blame them too. Anywho, thanks to all those that took the time to come up with a name and leave a comment, that was so awesome of you all. So, yeah, the name we chose... you want to hear it?

Friday's Fae Fusion, (Thanks Crystal! Mwah!!)

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Kolleen77 said...

hahah I saw that show for the first time the other night and ... umm ... Yummy :P I can see how a whole season could be distracting.

Janice said...

Lissy! You used a bad word on your blog! What if your children read it?! Potty-mouth Pixie!

Lissy said...

Bah, kids hear worse at school, Mom.

Are you going to wash my mouth out with soap?