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Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you love music?

(I'd press play right now, if I were you.)

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Kim and I, we love music. We love it enough that we each spend time each week looking for new artists and then sharing it with each other, and now with you. You're welcome.

But do you share in return? NO!

Okay, to be fair, we haven't actually asked you to share your favorite songs and artist with us, so we're asking you now. What IS your favorite? We're always on the hunt for new music for the playlists, so if you have any ideas, leave a comment. Or how 'bout leaving a comment telling us which song off our playlist you liked. Or both. Yeah, do both.

We may have mentioned this once or twice around the play yard, but comments, well they make our day, like seriously. We do happy-clappy dances sometimes over them. Sort of.

Do you know what makes us squeal like pre-pubescent boys? New Followers. And like I said yesterday, you'll be wanting to become a follower pretty quick if you aren't already one, because today, we kept our promise. So look out for some awesomeness on Monday. You may not be able to handle it, actually. So be cautious. Put on some sunglasses, because it's possible the awesomeness to come is blinding.

Your Awesomeness

PS. I'm going away with the girls (but not of the Kim variety) tomorrow to partake in some spa-like treatment and a fancy-shmancy dinner. So I'll be silent until Monday. If you're lucky, Kim'll talk to you. But you'll have to say please, cause she's gotta thing about manners.


Maya said...

Lissy, you crack me up!

Kim said...

She cracks me up too!!!

Lissy said...

Yes, well that's all part of the awesomeness. Feel free to emulate me.