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Monday, May 24, 2010


It's Monday again.......

Hopefully you all had a great long weekend.

So, the video I chose is by Green Day ft. the cast from the Broadway musical, American's more of a recording session for the song 21 guns. Hope you enjoy it...xo kim

My mind is still reeling from the series finale of Lost. Well, no, not exactly reeling, because it was the ending that I was expecting, in so as that they were all dead, there was a sorta purgatory thing going on, and that I was still left with questions afterwards, maybe empty is a better word. Or in shock? My favorite show is over, done and I think maybe I'm mourning it a lil bit today. I didn't get dressed until after 12 today and I ate twizzlers for breakfast... fine, that last part is normal, *cough*

Okay, even I realize how lame that is. It's a TV show, I get it. But I looked at it as more than that. It was a puzzle to work on every week. Kim and I worked at it together a lot. I'll be over it soon, promise.  I never stay down for long.

So anyway, I struggled finding a video today, that is why this post is so late. My mood held me down, until I decided to go with it and went looking for a song/video that suited it. You don't need upbeat ones every week do you?

I settled with Sia's Breathe Me, it's a song I've loved for a long time now, but I'd never seen the video until today, and you know what? It's pretty awesome, if you like this sorta thing, which I do.



Maya said...

Kim~ love love love 21 guns and especially love this version! Great choice!

Lissy~ sorry about Lost having you down! Loved your video though; pretty song!

Southern Belle said...

I absolutely love this version of 21 guns!

Turtle Bead said...

I absolutely love Sia. :D I always have. She has such an incredible voice. You should check out her song, Day Too Soon.

Janice said...

Love you my Baby-girl! Your blog is mucho funny! Mummy xx00