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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poductivity, Kim and Lissy Style

Kim and I were extremely productive today.

Yesterday we made plans, for today, to start something fun we have in the works for you followers (*cough* notice I said followers, not readers? That wasn't a slip, if you want to partake in the awesome fun-ness we are planning, you'll need to be a follower). I even went to pick up the carless Kim and help her clean her house so we could get started early (by "help" I mean watch... obviously). When we got back to my place, we promptly got busy... by sitting on the deck in the sun, drinking tea and discussing our important matters... such as Lost and Vampire Diaries.

This productiveness went on until we realized it was time to trade our tea for Palm Bay and watch Oprah's Twilight episode, so we quickly scrambled into the house before we could miss any of the yumminess that is Rpatz.


Ermmm.... so yeah, Kim and I will begin working on the fun tomorrow... promise. What did you do today?


Kim said...


Kolleen77 said...

Oh Yummy I was drooling over that picture the other day. I <3 your blog ;P