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Monday, May 31, 2010


It's a gloomy Monday and we are home from work feeling tired and dirty. After all, we did clean 5 toilets each today and 1 urinal.....yuck. Housekeeping makes us feel kind of weird leaving our own houses dirty. So... who wants to clean our houses?

We realized that when other blogs put up two videos, we only watch the first one. Therefore, we've decided not to torture you with 2 videos a week anymore (unless you like it.....). Aren't we nice to you? You love us.

The band that we chose for today is called Current Swell they are a super cute bunch of surfer boys (which I love) from Victoria, BC. Lissy thinks it looks like a Tim Hortons coffee commercial, but I just love the fact that you can see Tofino in the vid (and that they are a bunch of cute surfer boys... did I say that already?).

Giveaway day tomorrow, you guys excited? Entry deadline 10 tonight.


Kuli said...

Never heard of this group before! I like! I agree; you can't go wrong with cute surfer boys!

Kolleen77 said...

I had to YouTube them to hear more. Nice pick.

Qwerty said...

these guys are on my list to contact after the summer for the inn......
hope they come play!

Lissy said...

Alli, that is super awesome. I really hope they come too.