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Friday, July 16, 2010

Words About Nothing About a Playlist

I sat down to write an intro for the playlist today, and am now drawing a complete blank. I am wordless. This is a fairly rare occurrence for me, for although I am a quiet person in general, I do have a very elaborate inner monologue going at all times which usually runs rampant in these posts. If anything, you may have noticed, I could sometimes rein in the words. But not today. Nope. Empty.

In fact, if this were any other day, I would've dumped this post on Kim. She, however woke up early today, for the first time in her entire life (I'm pretty sure) and, like the go getter she is, has already posted bright and friggen early. Stupid Kim, don't you know I'm wordless today? wft? So here I am, wordless, babbling about nothing in particular. (Which, I must add, is something I'm quite fantastic at (normally). Why talk about something when you can talk about nothing?)

The playlist this week is a bit of a mashup. A whole lotta sh-t tossed into one pile. It's the way I like my sh-t, what about you?


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1 comment:

Kristi said...

I still loved your post, even though you were 'wordless'. I rather enjoy random babblings about nothing, because it's how my brain is quite often!! Awesome mashup!!! I love that song Jar of Hearts :)