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Monday, August 23, 2010

Now Hiring

Today is one of those day......first, I'm tired....I was up at 2am with my youngest, who was barfing from eating too much sugar at a birthday party, then trying to get to sleep on the couch with her, just in case she puked again (closer to the bathroom), after an hour of trying to sleep and no more puking I decided to go back to my own bed and with in 5 mins she was crawling into bed with me, by this time it's 4 am and I'm exhausted. Today is also my one day home to get my house back to living standards, my hubby was home for a week, and we were mostly in and out for the week, so cleaning is generally last on our list of things to do. I have to work for the next 2 days. Then we are off to Victoria for a few days, I have a close friend getting married and some back to school shopping to finish. So, I have today to do laundry, clean the house and get organized for our trip.....and here I sit, on the computer avoiding it all.........

Ok....time for me to get to'll be dinner in no time, and I'll have that to add to my list too!



Panda said...

awe poor baby puking all night :( Hope you have a better day.

Lissy said...

I LOVE this picture. I may need to become my wallpaper.